Victory Pointe – Clermont Continues to Expand Downtown Waterfront Park

Victory Pointe – Clermont Continues to Expand Downtown Waterfront Park

Downtown Waterfront Clermont is the cornerstone of fun activities in Clermont. It hosts races, triathlons, events like Pig on the Pond, music events, and of course our favorite—who doesn’t love the waterfront splash pad.

Clermont is called the City of Champions. The reason its called that is many Olympic athletes choose to live and train here.

What’s even more exciting, is the city of Clermont continues to approve projects that will pave the way for additional growth and vibrancy in Downtown Clermont.

A wine & bourbon bar with rooftop lounge was just recently approved as well as a 17 unit condo complex overlooking Victory Pointe and Lake Minneola.

For those of you who have not heard of Victory Point yet, it is an extension of the already family-friendly Waterfront Park area along the shoreline of Lake Minneola. Victory Pointe will have boardwalks, trails, benches and an observation tower.

It also includes Triathlon Beach which is a venue that will include staging areas, start and finish lines for local triathlons, a new events area, and green space for concerts, cultural events, and a pavilion for awards and other ceremonies.

All of these new exciting additions ultimately means more places for families to go to have more fun in Downtown Clermont.


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